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Series : Yuru Camp

Character : Kagamihara Nadeshiko

Height :  Approximately 215mm

Brand : FURYU Corporation

Pre-order Closing Date: 02-04-2021
Estimated Release Date: 31-07-2021

"Yurucamp" is a work that gently depicts high school girls camping and living their daily lives in Yamanashi Prefecture. The original author, Afro-san's own outdoor experience, camping know-how woven into the work based on interviews, and the natural beauty depicted became a hot topic, and a TV animation was broadcast in January 2018. , "Yurucamp △ SEASON2" is scheduled to start broadcasting from January 2021. The production of the movie has also been decided and has been very well received.

In "F: NEX" this time, Nadeshiko is made into a 1/7 scale figure in a kimono that you can't usually see. The furisode worn on the body is carefully designed in bright orange and the auspicious sunrise of Mt. Fuji. The hem that flutters in the wind and the gorgeous obi tie are also made by modeling, giving a gorgeous finish no matter where you look. We also made small items such as hair ornaments and candy apples in our hands so that they look realistic.

Furthermore, this product can be connected to the pedestal with the "Shima Rin Furisode 1/7 Scale Figure" which is accepting reservations until February 24th (Wednesday). You can enjoy the two rare people who go to the shrine together for the first time.

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